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Pregnancy By Weeks

See the many changes your body and your baby go through during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. You'll be amazed at how much your body will change and how fast your unborn baby will grow.


Pregnancy Month 1 (Weeks 1 to 4)

Pregnancy Month 2 (Weeks 5 to 8)

Pregnancy Month 3 (Weeks 9 to 13)

Pregnancy Month 4 (Weeks 14 to 17)

Pregnancy Month 5 (Weeks 18 to 21)

Pregnancy Month 6 (Weeks 22 to 26)

Pregnancy Month 7 (Weeks 27 to 30)

Pregnancy Month 8 (Weeks 31 to 35)

Pregnancy Month 9 (Weeks 36 to 40)


Amazing Fetal Developmenet Pictures (4:04)

Do You Want to Know How You and Your Baby Will Change and Grow During Each Week of Your Pregnancy? (4:38)

From Conception to Delivery (3:00)

How You and Your Baby Change During Pregnancy (4:29)

How Your Baby is Created (5:55)

Your Baby - From Conception to Birth (4:38)

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